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Evaluate the overall value of a business on the basis of a consolidation of financial data but also extra-financial on societal and environmental issues, governance and reputation of a company. Evaluation data is based on information from traditional channels but also enriched by a community composed of investor, analyst financial institutions, employees and the company itself, for example, comment, note the company on several criteria extrain order to complete the overall vision of a businessgiven.

Stéphane Voisin

Product Owner

Abdessatar Hammedi

Proxy Product Owner

Loïc Poujol


Developer Blockchain


Developer Blockchain

Andriantsoa Herinantenaina Razanakoto


Manitrarivo Robbie Kevin Randriajaoson


Jean Michael Ratefinjanahary


Maltem Consulting Group For 15 years now we have been supporting startups and big groups in order to achieve their goals.

  • Maltem is THE company dedicated to innovation and digital transformation projects.
  • We use latest ways of recruitment through Agile mode, 100% connected and 100% human.
  • Maltem is also a CRS (Corporate social responsibility) approach and the Aldinie Foundation which supports many humanitarian projects
  • Joining us is not only for a new job but also become a Maltemian to live a human adventure, fascinating and fun.
  • Above all, we are looking for personalities, curious, passionate and ambitious people!
    Send us your application: recrutement@maltem.com

Passion for humanity Passion for Humanity or P4H Madagascar, is a start-up studio founded in March 2017.

  • With a vocation of solidarity, it aims to train young Malagasy to integrate them into international projects.
  • It was born out of the humanitarian commitment of Maltem Consulting Group and the Aldinie Foundation.
  • IT Development, Digital Marketing, Sourcing